Morgrym Stonetooth

Rabid Shapeshifting Dwarf


Morgrym Stonetooth


Race: Dwarf

Class: Druid 4, Master of Many Forms 2

Skills, Feats, & Abilities

Skills: Focusing on Survival and various Knowledges

Feats: Alertness, Breadth of Knowledge, & Extra Wild Shape

Abilities: 2nd level spells, rage, fast movement, nature sense (-3), woodland stride, trackles step, & Wild Shape (Small, Medium, Large | Animal, Humanoid, Giant).

Weapons, Armor, & Equipment

Weapons: MW Large Stone Warhammer, MW Battleaxe, Stone Knife, Sling

Armor: Rhinohide Breastplate, Darkwood Heavy Shield

Equipment: Rogain brand Wand of Cure Light Wounds (Beta), Old Kilt, Backpack, Waterskin, Hammer, Chisel, & Silk Twine



ACTouchFlat-FootedInitiativeFort SaveReflex SaveWill SaveCMBCMD

Masterwork Large Stone Warhammer+62d8+6Two Hands
Masterwork Battleaxe+81d8+4One Hand
Stone Dagger+71d4+4One Hand
Sling+61d4+4One Hand

Alertnessgain 2 Perception & Sense Motive.
Breadth of KnowledgeGain 2 on All Knowledge & Profession Checks.
Extra Wild ShapeGain 3 additional uses of Wild Shape per day.

Fate Points: 3


A sample interaction between Morgrym Stonetooth and a large injured wolf.

Morgrym: (affectionately) “Are you hurt little guy? Don’t you worry, Uncle Morgrym will get you all patched up.”

[Morgrym approaches wolf, wolf growls and snaps at him]

Morgrym: (affectionately) [to anybody nearby, or nobody at all] “Aww, cute little guy. He wants to play.” [To wolf] “Now you stay still, so Uncle Morgrym get take care of you.”

[Morgrym reaches out to pet wolf]

[Wolf bites a huge chunk out of Morgrym’s arm, and claws a nasty gash across his chest]

Morgrym: (angry) “Arrgh! Mangy beast!”

[Morgrym crushes wolf’s skull into a pulpy mess of bone and blood with his oversized warhammer]

Morgrym Stonetooth

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