Episode 2: Dustmen Underground

The cure?

-The party find that Scarvale receives a shipment of food.

-On the quest side of things, a merchant asks the adventurers to find his nephew and niece, Talgen and Sharwyn. The party also get blood samples of deceased infected.

-They capture a Dustman nicknamed Cartman. He leads the party to an temple/fort that sunk into a large fissure.

-Cartman leads the party, bypassing traps and informing the party as they encounter various orcs and goblins that inhabit the temple.

-The party witness the death of Talgen but eventually capture a goblin and successfully rescue Sharwyn.

-Cartman leads the party to his leader Beleg.

-Beleg informs the party about the food, the necromancers they work under, and the desire to return to their home plane.

-The party fights and defeat a necromancer minion and 4 enhanced skeletons.

….to be continued



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