A long time ago, the world was completely engulfed by evil, corruption, and chaos. This was when The Dark God dominated the world. Then other gods began to emerge into this realm. They came because the people cried out for help.

The world is separated in four sections. Commonly known as the “Four Corners.”

The first “corner” is called Iustia. It has the most varied environments ranging from high mountains to murky swamps and lush forests.

You’ve heard of a barren land to the west called Arenaceus.

To the east lies a land that the people call Rokugan.

The last corner is known as Malus. Most of the remnants of the ancient world reside in Malus. Although not as chaotic as before, evil is just as prevalent.

The center of the world is a void that defines Zorbis as a ring. This is known as The Lacuna, meaning “gap”. It has been the subject of myth for thousands of years. If it has always existed or was caused by some other force. There has been many theories but none that has been accepted as truth.


Zorbis Keyd