Episode 1: The Beginning

The evacuation of Shadowvale

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-Some of the PCs have volunteered to help evacuate Shadowvale from the plague. Adoven Tjelak, Kyras, and Morgrym Stonetooth volunteer while Jens Pedersen, Arlan, and Glenn simply join the separate groups.

-They are ambushed by Reavers and sucessfully defend the people.

-In a days journey they end up in Lightvale.

-Glenn seeks to complain about the poor performance of a volunteer guard.

-Kyras and Morgrym meet with the apothecary Telvius Sundown and also aids him with healing people. Telvius asks them if they can retrieve blood samples of the infected from the different Vales and suggests they find others to help them.

-Glenn finds a the commander that gathered volunteers and reprimands the guard that was ineffective in battle.

-The commander sets the volunteer aside and requests again for volunteers to confirm the rumor that Scarvale has a cure for the plague.

-Jens asks for payment of service. The commander will give 75 gold for each volunteer to go confirm this rumor.

-The six adventurers go to find the truth of the rumor and head to Scarvale.



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